Eleventh Hour Rescue

Eleventh Hour Rescue is made up of dedicated individuals who believe that innocent pets deserve love and a place to live where they are honored and cared for. No dog deserves to die simply because it does not have a home. We rescue dogs at their Eleventh Hour--when they are scheduled to be put to death by shelters that can no longer care for them. We give the dogs all the medical attention they require, a place to live, and through our adoption services, a second chance at a happy and fulfilled life. We are affiliated with many like-minded animal groups throughout the United States. We cannot stop. We will not stop, until all of the cages are empty.

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Pine Scented Trail
Purrfectly Clean Cat
Apple Cutie Pie Kittens
Pitty Pink Petals
Puppykin Kisses Chai
Eleventh Hour Rescue Four Pack
Eleventh Hour Rescue Six Pack